My name is Kiki. I am an Illustrator and Printmaker based in Cairns.

While some of my work may appear surreal or bizarre, these elements serve to balance what might otherwise be considered classical children’s illustration.

Inspired by my travels and the diverse ethnologies and traditions I’ve encountered, my art explores the essence of humanity. I delve into the intricacies of personal identity and shared experiences, reflecting on themes of connection, solitude, joy, and anguish through visual storytelling.

In recent years, I have developed a keen interest in Japanese woodblock printing and dedicate myself to honing my skills in this art form. Drawing from my studies in ethnology and traditions, coupled with a passion for exploring the complexities of human existence, my artworks aim to weave unique narratives that bridge the past and present, tradition and modernity, ultimately promoting greater empathy and understanding. Within my work lies a world of surrealism, chaos, and myth—a reflection of my inner landscape.

My goal is to prompt viewers to contemplate the universal aspects of human existence, fostering deeper connections across cultures and backgrounds.

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